Natural Beeswax Candles for Every Day and Every Occasion

To maximize your burn time, enjoyment, and safety, 
Please read and carefully follow the burning directions
here & on the candle packaging label. 

Candle bases can be gently molded to fit candleholder. 
Make sure candle is secure in holder. Always place a 
burning candle and the holder it is in onto a flameproof 
protected surface such as plate, tray or other surface 
that is nonflammable.  

Please use glass hurricanes for Tapers and Pillars 
when burning during larger dinner parties, gatherings 
and events with possibility of air movement/drafts.


Please remember all Candles are a lit fire in your home!

Should you have any questions, please contact us at:  

Wicks: The longer the wick, the higher the flame which
will cause the flame to smoke. Any time smoking occurs, 
extinguish the candle, and trim the wick.  Excess weight of 
the wick can cause tipping to one side of the candle and
may deform the candle or burn through side of candle.

Tapers : Extra tip: light the candle for one hour, 
then extinguish and allow wax to cool. Trim wick again and straighten.
Relight.This brings maximum burn quality and time out
of the taper candle. Keep the wicks trimmed short. 

Please Note: Our tapers are a hollow design for a reason.
We chose this design as it maximizes burn time and wax efficiency and
performance for this type of wax/candle. The wax flows to the inside of
candle and regenerates at the bottom. Solid candles are more prone
to dripping. Our candles burn beautifully, longer and without dripping. If you are
experiencing dripping, please check to see if there is a draft (air movement)
that is blowing onto candles from any source; wind, air from heating/cooling vents.
If so, please use glass hurricanes when burning taper candles.

Pillars: Ours are not a short-burn candle. Short burns
will cause tunneling. Plan on a burn time of several
hours or until the liquid pool of wax extends to within 1/4" 
of the sides. Keep all burning candles at least 10” apart.

Votives: Each votive is designed to burn 12-15 hours. 
Short burns will cause tunneling. Plan on at least an
hour or two of burn or until the liquid pool of wax 
extends to within 1/4" of the sides. 

Keep all burning candles at least 10” apart.
Especially Tapers!

Extinguishing Pillars and Votives (tip): to avoid smoke after
extinguishing use a toothpick, or match from lighting or other small
object to fold wick over into liquid was to extinguish. Straighten wick immediately
to up right position so it is ready for the next burn.

Thank You - May these candles bring a little extra
Joy and sparkle to you & your home - Please Enjoy!